Nail Treatments

Nail Treatments

Our Nail Care treatments are highly recommended for both our male and female clients. All our manicures begin with filing the nails to your desired shape. Cuticles and nails receive special attention. Every manicure's topped off with a hand massage and the color of your choice. There are over 200 to choose from! There is never an additional charge for French polish at Andres Day Spa.

We use nail polishes by Essie and Dazzle Dry (dries in 5-minutes)

Nail Polish Bottles



14-Day Gel Polish Manicure

New Gel polish for natural nails. No Drying. No Chipping. No Smudging. Last for up to 14-days.
Gelish, Shellac, Axium, Gelac and Gelous

$35 with manicure

Basic Manicure

This treatment is not so basic. Soaking the hands in a bowl of warm water and oils to prepare the hands and nails.


Lactol Manicure

A Unique Treatment for hands, as well as nails. Exfoliating gloves are used to stimulate and soften hands then cuticles are soaked in a warm moisturizing creme, leaving hands supple and smooth.


Paraffin Manicure

Experience the warmth and hydration of a paraffin treatment. After gently exfoliating hands to remove dead skin cells, a moisturizing creme is applied and hands are dipped in paraffin wax. This is very therapeutic and allows moisture to penetrate deep into the skin. Enhances and soothes your skin giving life to rough, aching, and dry hands.


Keratin Manicure

Andres' Keratin Manicure is a waterless method formulated with 100% vegetable active ingredients derived from renewable sources. These self-activating, Keratin rich gloves and socks are loaded with intensive, antiseptic, fortifying emulsion to strengthen nails, soften cuticles, and moisturize hands and feet. Eliminate water soaking that expands the porous nail bed and increases vulnerability for bacterial transmission. Improve polish application for longer-lasting adhesion.


Sculputured Nail, Tips with Gel or Acrylic Set

Pink & White Set $75
New Nail $7
Touch Up $3 each nail
Broken Nail with Touch Up $6 each nail
Re-coating $6 each nail
Calcium Gel Coating $55 (short)
$60 (long)
Pink & White Backfill $17 additional
Removals $40
Polish Change (natural nails) $12
Buff & Polish $15
Toe Polish Change $18

Child Nail Care Treatment

All children under the age of twelve will receive a 25% discount on all nail care treatments.